• Weekly Update - 3 August 2020

    Chamber Updates


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    Office Closure August 3rd - 7th 2020

    BVICCHA Closed for Festival Holiday

    Happy Emancipation to all!!

    Our office will be closed from August 3rd to August 7th 2020. We will be reopening on Monday 10th August, 2020. This closure is in observance of our national holidays.

    In the event of an, emergency please call us at 284-345-3513.

    Have a safe and happy VI Festival!


    2020 BVI Spring Regatta Ready To Race October 22-25

    BVICCHA - The Spring Regatta 2020 is ON Oct 22-25!

    Tortola, British Virgin Islands – July 29, 2020 The postponement flag is being raised.  The 2020 BVI Spring Regatta is now scheduled for October 23-25, 2020.   The regatta was postponed by the BVI Government on Friday March 13th, just days from the start of the 49th edition of the event.  Multi classes, three days of great racing and a Regatta Village for after racing parties means the stage is set for the 2020 BVI Spring Regatta.



    The Atlantic Hurricane Season has started, Always be aware and prepared!

    BVICCHA - BVI Red Cross - Hurricane Preparedness


    ChamberTalk : Digital Transformation -  Rescheduled for August 26th 

    BVICCHA - ChamberTalk - Digital Transformation


    Member-2-Member Discounts

    BVICCHA's Member-2-Member Discounts are a great way to draw more attention to your business both offline and online.  Companies that offer discounts will receive publicity in the Chamber’s newsletter, ChamberNews, and have their business published on the Chamber’s website.  There is NO cost to participate in the Member-to-Member Discount Program.

    To join, see the online form on the BVICCHA's website.


    Click here for more information.

    Below are the available Member-2-Member Deals. Click the images to see more.

    BVICCHA - Member 2 Member Discount KAD Pool Service
    BVICCHA - Member 2 Member Discount RKG Consulting Group (Smooth Banana)





    Partner Updates

    OECS ePayments Survey

    The purpose of this survey is to assess if and how Compete Caribbean and the OECS Commission may be able to increase access to affordable digital payment solutions for Caribbean Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

    All individual responses are confidential but the overall results will be used to raise awareness and allocate resources more effectively.


    BVICCHA - OECS ePayment Survey



    Click the images to see the various grants being offered throughout the Caribbean!



    CARICHAM Regional Growth Series



    CARICHAM invites you to another episode in the CARICHAM Regional Growth Series,  which has been designed to support the Members of the Chambers who are part of CARICHAM the Private Sector of the Caribbean Region, and other Stakeholders.*


    This third episode of the CARICHAM Regional Growth Series explores the  topic, *The Importance of Regional Air Transportation for the Economic Recovery of the Caribbean*


    Date and time:

    Thursday, August 6th, from 10:00 AM to 12:0 PM AST/Eastern Caribbean Time


    Registration details:

    The event will take place via GoToMeeting. You MUST pre-register to receive an invitation to attend.


    Participants will be able to post their questions and comments to the panelists via CHAT option only as microphones will be disabled.


    Please feel free to circulate the details of this Webinar with your colleagues and other potentially interested parties, particularly those who share a vested interest in the regional air transportation and the economic recovery of the Caribbean.


    See you there!




    UNWTO: Covid 19 Response Must Not Undermine Solidarity, Confidence



    Governments have a duty to put the wellbeing of their citizens first. At the same time, they also have a responsibility to protect livelihoods and businesses.


    This goes hand-in-hand with a responsibility to preserve the spirit of international solidarity that has characterized our response to this shared crisis, a response that has included international institutions, the civil society at large and individual citizens. Again and again, the pandemic puts us to the test and proves that we are stronger if we act together and not in isolation


    Upcoming BVICCHA Events - August!


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    BVICCHA Committee Reminders

    Members to join the Annual Gala Sub-Committee!!!


    Be a voice in your community! Join the Business Expo Sub-Committee to shape and organize one of the BVICCHA’s most commended events.

    Members to join the Constitutional Review Committee!!!


    Constitutions should be reviewed every few years to ensure they are aligned with the times.  Join the Chamber’s Constitutional Review Committee to help shape our Constitution.

    Members to join the Business Expo Sub-Committee!!!


    Be a voice in your community! Join the Business Expo Sub-Committee to shape and organize one of the BVICCHA’s most commended events.

    To become a member of these committees please follow the instructions provided here.


    Happy Emancipation from the staff and Board of Directors of the BVICCHA!

    Please remember to be safe and adhere to all implemented COVID regulations! This year Festival is going Virtual! See the schedule below for the BVI’s first ever Virtual Emancipation Celebration.

    BVICCHA - Festival


    Latest Virgin Islands Weather Updates



    The National Hurricane Centre is monitoring two disturbances east of the Lesser Antilles. Both disturbances are showing signs of development at varying levels. The Department of Disaster Management will continue to monitor the systems and provide updates accordingly.

    Disturbance 1 is located along 14 degrees north, 44 degrees west or approximately 1382 miles east south east of the British Virgin Islands. It is moving to the west near 15 mph. This motion is expected to continue for the next several days. Dry air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere has decreased thunderstorm activity with the disturbance over the past 24 hours.

    Click here to read the lastest DDM reports


    Weather Forecast for the BVI - 31st July 2020



    31st July 2020 - Some moisture and instability trailing Hurricane Isaias will maintain a high chance of showers across the region today. A decrease in the moisture and instability of showers to moderate for the most.

    See the BVIDDM's App for more updates. Available on the App Store and Google Play.


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