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  • Meet our member Kristin Frazer! Owner of Trefle Designs!

  • Meet our member Kristin Frazer! Owner of Trefle Designs!

    Meet our member Kristin Frazer! Owner of Trefle Designs!



    Where there is fashion, there is Trefle Designs! Born into a family of innovation and creativity, Kristin Frazer, The owner of Trefle Designs has graced the world with her unique designs since 2008. Trefle Designs has made a mark internationally and continues to keep the fashion industry and the world on their toes. Trefle has recently been featured in Essence magazine as part of the "International Designers on The Rise". We are so proud to have Trefle Designs as a member of the BVICCHA, So this week we asked Kristin Frazer ten questions to help you get to know more!

    • Can you provide me with a description of your business? Trèfle is a BVI Fashion House that specializes in swimwear, resort wear, accessories and home goods.

    • Why did you start a business? I'm a third generation seamstress turned fashion designer and for as long as I can remember, I've been sewing, designing and making pieces for family, friends and myself. Once the opportunity came to decide whether I wanted to go to school for music as I play the clarinet, drama and theatre or mass communications in Fashion, I chose Fashion and with hard work and perseverance, I started my own business in 2008.

    • What is your background? Education, Work Experience- I was born and raised in Zion Hill West End and I attended the Isabella Morris Primary, Althea Scatliffe Primary and  then BVI High School. After graduating from High School in 2000, I attended HLSCC for two years and moved on to start my career building by attending the International Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa, Fl. After 3.5 years, I interned with Carolina Herrera under fashion and BCBG Max Azria under Marketing. Upon graduation in 2006, I worked as an Assistant Buyer for a family owned and operated business called Beall's Outlet for 1 year before moving back to the BVI. My experiences gave me the push that I needed to start my own business and throughout the past 11 years, I have been able to network, collaborate, motivate and be motivated by so many people in and outside of the fashion industry. It's definitely a pretty interesting career! 

    • How long have you been in business? In this business? In other businesses? It's officially 11 years since I've been in business and I'm a long way from reaching my goal but I am thankful for how far I've come as a small business in the BVI. I've also been able to successfully manage my grandmother's business called Clover's on Waterfront Drive for the past 5+ years and I am excited to bring back the essence of the store being the "community store-where you meet you family and friends".

    • How did you get started in this business? I like challenges and knew that I wanted to create a brand that could stand locally, regionally and internationally and once I narrowed down my focus on which area of the industry I wanted to design for, I applied for my trade license and started working.

    • What do you enjoy most about being in business? the least? and why? Being in business can be very intimidating and exhausting but it's also very rewarding and enabling. I say intimidating because the world around us and even if I narrow it more to the Caribbean has similar businesses and you must find a way to stay relevant- especially within the fashion industry. A positive mindset, clear goals and consistent practices is a great way to overcome this and the rewards and opportunities will organically open up for you. This will enable you to continue to build a business on a solid foundation and I'm happy to be doing just that. 

    • What advice would you give a young person who wants to be a business owner? Clear your mind of everyone and everything and focus on what "you" want for your business and how "you" would like to see it visually in 5 or 10 years and build on that. Set a business plan in motion that will complement this idea and create a small supportive group of people that will be your cheerleaders(and in some cases they will be your employees) to help make your dream a reality. Finally, know that the only person that can stop you from becoming the best business owner you can be is "you".

    • Why did you join the BVICCHA? I joined the BVICCHA many years ago in hopes of networking with other businesses to form relationships, collaborative ventures and to continue to promote my brand and the country to the wider Caribbean and the world. 

    •  What motivated you to follow your passion? Everything that a person does organically will flow naturally and my passion for the industry flowed from my veins...and I like to believe that my mother, grandmother and great grandmother played a major part in how I started and where I am today.

    •  Is there anything up and coming that we can expect from Trefle Designs? Following Irma, everyone had to shift gears and find new ways of staying in business and I am now focusing on creating between 2-3 collections per year. I am also excited for our TrèfleHOME collection because it is 100% produced in the BVI. Between the new collection for Cruise 2020 called "Whispers of Summer" and the HOME collection, I intend to start the new year off with a bang! 


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