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VISIT BVI Magazine



In March 2019, the British Virgin Islands Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association (BVICCHA) entered into a long-term tourism-publishing partnership with North South Net International Ltd. (NSN), and NSN became the official publisher for the BVICCHA.

The purpose of the partnership is twofold: first, to assist BVICCHA in its efforts to reach out to potential visitors to these shores and to increase the actual number of BVI tourists; secondly, to provide the air and sea tourist arrivals to the BVI with the highest quality information that will enable them to make the best choices during their vacation and thereby benefit from a wide range of BVI businesses.

To generate more visitors to the BVI, NSN contributes to the funding of BVICCHA through a share of the advertising revenues of the magazine NSN has developed. NSN also funds several other programmes with BVICCHA that increase tourism to the BVI and provide visitors with the highest quality information upon arrival. Visit the British Virgin Islands, a high-quality magazine produced by NSN, will be under contract on an exclusive basis in the guest rooms of most hotels, villas, Airbnb rentals and yacht charter companies in the BVI.





  • It is the official magazine of the British Virgin Islands Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association (BVICCHA).


  • It is the magazine that, through a revenue sharing agreement, assists in funding BVICCHA’s efforts to promote the BVI and attract more tourists to these islands.


  • Visit the British Virgin Islands is distributed exclusively in each guest room of hotels, villas, Airbnb rentals and yacht charter companies in the BVI. This means you are reaching active travellers as they plan what to see and do throughout Nature’s Little Secrets.


  • Visit the British Virgin Islands reaches almost all of BVI’s stay-over tourists in the comfort of their guest room, regardless of which airline or vessel they arrive on.


  • An additional free digital version of Visit, the British Virgin Islands appears exclusively on the BVICCHA and NSN websites.


  • Social Media: North South Net maintains an active presence on social media with vibrant Facebook and Instagram pages. These pages are used to share information on the destinations and our advertising partners to help them extend the reach of their message to a wider target audience.


  • Visit BVI Mobile App: A mobile app for smartphones contains your essential information from Visit the British Virgin Islands and is promoted on island through easily downloadable QR codes posted all around the island on stickers and posters in strategic high-traffic locations. Restaurants, shops, yacht charters and hotel desks all carry the QR code. The BVICCHA also promotes it to tour operators and their clients on their website. This easily downloadable app provides another platform for additional advertising exposure. We also offer push notifications. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your photo, website, directions, menus (if applicable), and booking information in the Visit BVI App.

For advertising inquiries, contact Garry Duell

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